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Different ways to keep yourself happy

Different ways to keep yourself happy

by Meghashree Das February 03, 2020
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Different ways to keep yourself happy

In this, today’s busy world where everybody is active and engaged with their problems, with their own life. It is tough to find ways to keep yourself happy despite giving the maximum amount of your time to your very self.

The question is, why this so!! The answer is straightforward. In this today’s technological advancement world where you can get each and everything if you have a surplus amount of money, you can get yourself whatever you want. Yet there is one particular that every second human being needs it, and sadly, you cannot bring it. Yes, you think right; this is nothing but happiness and mental peace.

Money can’t buy happiness

You can get yourself anything from the market, but these emotions like happiness and peace are not on-sell. Had it been the case where you might have the option to buy happiness, there would have been no problem at all. Sadly, the thing is that money cannot buy happiness. And, therefore, today, according to WHO, around 80% of the youth from across the globe are mentally ill. The only possible reason for this is that people are not happy.

Here, in this article, we are going to touch this sensitive issue. We will be addressing the various ways through which you can keep yourself happy. If followed, not guarantee but can assure you for sure that you will start feeling better. So, what are we waiting for? Let’s get started!

Different ways to keep yourself happy

Think less to keep yourself happy

This is one of the most material factors to lead a happy and prosperous life. Most of the human beings not in just today’s world but ever since the existence of homo sapiens. One of e significant reasons why human beings have always remained sad is because they think way too much.

The key to happiness is just to think as less as you can. Because your overthinking will neither change your past nor your future only your actions will. So instead of draining your energy into something that won’t bear any fruits. You can opt to start on things where your efforts are required. That would help you a lot.

Stop Overthinking to keep yourself happy

When we human being thinks about some things. It is just beyond our reach to only think about what’s required. We tend to think about things that are not needed at all, plus we start building stories by ourselves. No matter whatever the issue is, we will cook our very own stories inside our heads, and then we will be sad. Sometimes it feels like we eagerly and desperately want to make ourselves miserable.

When we don’t get any external factors, we tend to make our own stories and get into the zone of sadness. So, if you want to be happy. The first and principal thing that you need to do is stop overthinking.

Forgive yourself

There are many instances in your life where you come across a situation where you are not just able to forgive yourself. You need to understand this fact that to err is human, and it’s wonderful. Only realize the fact that when you can’t forgive yourself, how can you expect that other human beings will forget you. Don’t try to be perfect. It’s stock to make mistakes and start accepting yourself.

Acceptance is the key to keep yourself happy

We, humans, have a huge problem. We lack a very precious thing, and that is self-acceptance.  Start loving yourself as hard as you can and start accepting your flaws. Every human being is beautiful in their way. And everybody has a loophole in themselves, and this is what makes them what they are.

Your every scar has a story to tell. Embrace them, acknowledge them, and stay happy just the way you are. Acceptance includes every aspect of your life, your career growth, your friend circle each, and everything.

Well, one thing here to note is the fact that accepting doesn’t mean that you would stop yourself from your growth. No, this is not the true meaning of acceptance.  Accept yourself the way you are, but don’t stop vying for whatever you want.

Prioritize your health to keep yourself happy

If you want to be happy, one of the most important things that you need to do is start giving the highest preference to yourself. A healthy mind lives in a whole body. If you want to be happy, try to live a healthy life start doing exercise. Start doing anything that everything that helps you to burn some calories.

Give the highest preference for yourself because remember that if you do not take out time now for you, for your health. Then your lousy health won’t hesitate you to keep you in bed for a very long period.

Follow your hobbies

Follow your hobbies

If there is anything in this world that makes you happy, that makes your heart go wow. Just don’t think even twice and do it. Follow your hobbies. Because in this way you would be able to escape from the reality of this cruel world and you will have a good time.

No matter how small a period it will make you feel relax and that’s what matters the most. Your short period of escape will boost you to face all the deterrents of your life, and you won’t be depressed; instead, you will be happy about it.


Get some sunlight. Take a pause and make yourself happy by yourself. Do the thing that makes you happy. There are a lot of souls who work in the dark, and that is not at all good for your health. Try to spend at least an hour of your day where there is proper sunlight.

It won’t just give you the energy to do your work efficiently, but it will also help yourself to be charged, and you will only feel relax, which in turn will make you happy.

Kill your expectations to keep yourself happy

This is just the ultimate cure if you want to revive your happiness if you genuinely want to be happy, then just kill your expectations. It is as simple as that. If you’re going to keep expectations, then you must remember the fact that every other human is born to disappoint. Sometimes the very reason for your disappointment is the existence of other people, which is quite stupid.

Stop keeping expectations because you also can’t be what others expect you to be. Remember this simple mantra of life to be always happy. Do not keep any sort of expectations with anyone, no matter how close that particular person you. Nor submit yourself to fulfill somebody’s else expectations. It will not just help you to be happy, but also it will help you to live freely and easily.

Just let it be

Just let it be. As simple as that. It is not always to complicate things around. Sometimes you just need to take a deep breath and accept things happening around because, at times, all you can do is just sit quietly and accept things the way it is.

You can’t do anything about certain things, and you can’t change what other people feel, You can’t change their opinion, their perception about something. So the best thing that you can do to be happy is just to let things be the way they are.

Feel your presence is the best way to keep yourself happy

Do not forget that you are the greatest creation of your God. And when you know that human beings are the greatest creation of God and are capable of doing wonders, then how can you even think about being sad.

Also, do not forget that humans are transient. You are going to enjoy the luxury of being in your body not for very long, so enjoy every moment of it. Feel your presence. Excellent or lousy n matter what, feel every moment because these are all experience.

Talk to yourself

Talk to yourself as much as you can and as many times as you can in the day. The thing is straightforward. You know it very nicely that you can lie to the whole world but not to yourself. There is total transparency there. You cannot hide anything from yourself. This is the best thing.

When you can’t hide anything from yourself, then this gives you the liberty to analyze what are things that are not working for you. What is there that needs to change? What is making you sad and not letting you be happy?

This is only when you talk to yourself, you would be able to find out the solutions. When you find out the answers, you work on it and eventually get on the way of being happy.

Spend time with your loved ones to keep yourself happy

This is one of the best things you can do to keep yourself happy. We always tend to forget our problem with all the difficulties of life when we are around our loved ones. Your loved one makes you forget about every challenge of life and, at the same time, gives you the strength and courage to face every problem of survival. Surround yourself with people with the people who love you, and you love them too. This will give you positive energy, and you will be happy.

Be in a good company

Try to inundate yourself with people who have a positive towards life. There is a famous saying that one rotten fish tend to make the whole pond dirty. Therefore, you must surround your self with good people. Be in touch with people who are profoundly happy to live and motivated to live a happy life, and most importantly, they work for it.

This kind of environment will make you question yourself that why are you sad and what is the thing that bothers you because of which you are not happy. People with a proper approach towards their life will motivate, inspire you also to be the same.

Do what’s needed to keep yourself happy

Instead of draining your energy on things like overthinking. You can invest all your energy in doing things that matter and ideas that will bear some fruits. It is effortless to sit in one place and be sad for things not working out the way you want to be.

But, it is equally challenging to get up and own up to the responsibility that this is your life and nobody else than you can make things work. Get up and work hard for the items you want. If you do this, you will feel that you feel content and happy.

Because when you start to work hard, then you forget about the consequences or results. You enjoy the results. So start working on things that you genuinely want to do and feel happy.



Whenever you have free slots of time, read as much as you can and as much as you like. Reading is something that makes you more of who you are. You get introduced to new dimensions of life, and that is something amazing.

Reading relaxes your mind, and the very idea of knowing the unknown makes you happy. So, the conclusion is to read whatever genre you like but read. It is scientifically proven that reading relaxes your mind, boost your knowledge, and makes you a healthy individual.

When you feel confident about yourself and feel secure and do not doubt your existence, your existence is quite evident that you will start feeling confident, then there will be very fewer chances of you not being happy.

Be grateful for and to keep yourself happy

Be grateful for every little thing that is around you. Be full of gratitude for every little thing that is helping you in a way to lead a healthy life. It is essential to have the acknowledgment of stuff that makes your life beautiful and more comfortable to live.

If you want to be happy, allow yourself to lose in this very existence. Observe and notice everything with no sense of judgment. Practice this, and you will indeed be satisfied. In this way, your happiness will not only be based on worldly things, but you will be satisfied in the real sense.

Stop comparing

The majority of the time, the reason for your sadness is because you are not good with the other person. Despite knowing the fact that every human being is unique in himself and everybody has its lows and highs own plus and minuses.

When you know all these, then instead of acknowledging things and focusing on the good, you choose to be sad. Sad for the things you do not have bitter for the quality you do not possess. Isn’t it quite stupid on your part to be worried about such crazy things? Be happy about the stuff you have. It does not mean that you will be happy for the things you have, and you would stop to gain more. No, you need to understand that you must be satisfied with all that you have, and you should never stop vying to get to know, to have more.

Be present in your relationships

Manier times, what happens is that you do not give your hundred percent in your connection. And as a result, eventually, your link will not work out. These relationships can be of any kind. When things do not work out, you will become sad. You do not realize the fact that it did not work out because of your very own stupidity.

Therefore, whenever you are present in a situation, be present wholly and solely. Your whole presence will not guarantee that your relationship will work out, but it will ensure one thing. It will ensure that you will not regret it at any point in life and as a result. You will not be sad and, instead, be happy that you gave 100 percent in your relationship. It would not be your fault if things did not work out.


At last, we can conclude by saying that you should not be happy because of this or that reason. You should be satisfied because this is your very right to laugh and feel satisfied. Choose to be happy no matter what comes on your way. Have strong determination and faith in yourself. To be happy is your right, and no one other than you can deny yourself from this fundamental right.

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