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The ultimate guide to creating a successful Youtube Channel and market it in 10 days

The ultimate guide to creating a successful Youtube Channel and market it in 10 days

by Meghashree Das May 11, 2020
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how to start a youtube channel

YouTube blogging or building a YouTube channel is one of the popular types of blogging these days. Not only does YouTube have a massive hit of users from all around, but also, this site is uber-famous. From the boomer to the millennial, everyone uses YouTube.

Do you know why? Because everyone wants to create a site and watch videos that can be motivational, educational, inspirational, etc. But there is one hindrance which the people have to face overtime when they want to start a YouTube channel.

To make it running is another vast scope. First of all, YouTube is an independent platform. And, you will wait a lot to make your channel worth the visit. But don’t be tensed because, with the help of this guide, we will help you to make a channel from scratch.

And help you even to understand the part where you can blog and market your channel towards growth. If you are a paranoid being, then don’t have to take any stress. YouTube is like another platform where you vlog instead of a blog. So once you start doing the same, it will be easier for you.

Why making a YouTube Channel is worth the effort?

A Youtube account is made for everyone to have a good time. If you have a brand name, then you can channelize it.

There are so many other intents as well, which are not stated here. So here is a big deal. If you want to make an account on Youtube, then you have to start with the basics at first. All will be good for you to take note of all the necessary works and then get your job done. Youtube is a leading way to market your brand name.

If you are starting a business from scratch, then Youtube is there to help you out with the said. So if you want to open a Youtube account, then you can do so. It is exemplary that every business out there has an account of their own.

It can help you to bring closer to your clients and have a bond with them. With the idea of how to make a Youtube account, you will have the source of creating the one right on time. From top to bottom, it can work out for you. It will be lead out and in the best way if you get some essential guidance.

Why is YouTube popular?

The idea and the concept which is market around YouTube is pretty famous. You make a channel and start your vlogs. Then you have to gather views from all around to make sure that the vlogs perform nicely.

YouTube is a leading source through which people source out all the videos from the internet. If you don’t know cooking, then you can always take the help of YouTube.

So on the topic of how to create a YouTube channel, we will first know the importance of YouTube marketing. It will help us to gather knowledge about why and for what you should do it.

Why is YouTube channel marketing so famous?

On the scope of how to create a YouTube channel, here are something you should know. And what makes YouTube the leading source for marketing online business.

It boosts the conversations and sales

If you manage to understand how to create a YouTube channel, it can increase your conversions and sales. It can help you to drive your traffic and core lead. When an online business flourishes, then the first thing for the business is to help the marketers attract customers. It can make the company much better to what it is. YouTube is an excellent way to talent the work of the vloggers.

Creating a YouTube channel shows excellent ROI

Do you know what ROI is? Well, it is the abbreviation for Return on Investment. Well, a lot of marketers out there want a proper return on their growth and investment. This can only happen if you know how to create a YouTube channel successfully.

The understatement lies in the fact that ROI is the biggest collection of a business. From top to bottom, ROI helps in increasing the max leads and sakes of a firm.

Even though YouTube production takes some of the revenue you make, but it helps. If you are starting at 0, then you can boost your sales at 100. It is simple and easy and not a huge task to do.

YouTube has a channel, and its link building source and capability is right on point. With the help of ROI, you can market your insights and build the brand name from the start. If you are a budding marketer, then it can boost your sales.

Videos are always about trust and nothing else for your YouTube account

YouTube is a way through which people can build on their faith. And start marketing their group needs to the users. So if you are a beginner, then the best way to gain confidence from your users is with the help of YouTube marketing.

To scope out on the option of how to create a YouTube channel, here it goes. The foundation of business lies when the videos are released. Take for instance. If you are a customer and you are trying to find out a saw from the market then which site would you believe?

A content delivery site or where you can see the saw working? Well, yes. You guessed it right. Videos are a reliable source through which you can get some useful information. If you want the customers to trust what you are selling, then use YouTube branding.

And well, Google loves YouTube videos

Be it any source; our great search engine always prefers YouTube. If you are a marketer starting your brand from scratch with the help of YouTube, then congrats.

Whooping statistics collected from various sources shows one thing. 53% of the people who know how to create a YouTube account are into Google search results. Since Google now owns YouTube, it has a significant raise right now. It can help you to target the leading audience and bring your products.

YouTube is all about bringing out your brand name and target your core growth. If you know how to do the same, then you won’t have a hard time.

How to create a YouTube channel?

YouTube is not a daily deal. You have to grow your channel from scratch, and we all know about the same. But do you have the resource? If you are starting for the first time, then here is your primary guide. Relax, it not calculus.

Start with the basics

The essential thing is to create a Gmail account. You need to have a Gmail account set for a YouTube account. Firstly, set your Gmail account with your credentials. Make sure that you enter your name and only your credibility onto the email address which you make. Then you need to open a YouTube account. This is the first thing to know for how to create a YouTube from scratch.

create a google account

Once your Google account is up and running. Go to login to YouTube and navigate to the YouTube channels page. If you don’t have an existing channel then click on Create a new channel.

create youtube channel

Fill in all about you in the about section for your YouTube channel

It is about your channel and what you want to do. So you need to fill in the about section with every detail that you can think of. Make sure that the details which you put out into the part are authentic. If you don’t have factual data or information. Then YouTube won’t take your account as a credible source.

Understand and then fill up the whole about section which is present. Make sure that the about section comprises of the main keywords. Present the facts and the data into your about section.

Try to comprehend the little details about your channel and what you will market. Always know that YouTube loves a user page that has a ton of information. If you are one of them, then your page will rank in just less than ten days.

Click on the “Customize Channel” button it will take you to the basic channel page.

YOUTUBE channel dashboard

Click on the “page settings” button and then click on “advanced settings” button

youtube page settings

Now fill up the basic information about your youtube channel.

youtube channel form

Fill Up the about section of your channel.

youtube about page section

Add links on your youtube channel these links will show up beside your channel art and it helps you to drive traffic to your other social channels and websites. Use them effectively

youtube channel links

For Example, If you want to overly your youtube channel banner with your Facebook profile link then it looks similar to this:

Facebook link on youtube channel

Channel your art onto your YouTube channel

You get done with the making of your account. But here comes the primary path breaker. This is not the last thing which you can do. You have and got to channel your art into your account. Make sure that you present your data with the source of the art into your account. Start with the following.

Understand all the parameters of YouTube and then channelize the art into your account. Do you know that YouTube helps you to channel your art style into your account if you are a regular user?

Make your account enjoyable by putting out some more content into it. If you want to make a fandom, then it can only thrive with the help of the content created. Your account depends on the flow and the line of creativity.

It will help you to have a clear understanding of the topics and then present it to your audience.

add youtube banner image

One of the most frustrating parts of uploading your channel art is to make sure it is responsive or not. To make sure your channel art is responsive follow the banner dimensions show bellow.

youtube banner art dimensions

Know the market type before creating a YouTube channel

Well, well. This is where the fun begins. Your market type is what helps you to carry your site. You need to know your market before you market your brand name. For this, easy steps won’t be a solution because you have to go hard. Well, the first thing which lies here is the quotient and the matter of fact that how can a YouTube account run.

The answer lies in the fact that on how to create a YouTube account. You will first have to understand the audience format. Do you have a clear niche? If you do, then here is your time to work on your niche.

Suppose you are marketing products that are related to healthcare and beauty. Or facemasks for instance, for a more explicit example. If you do have a style and a particular niche of the audience, then your primary audience is girls.

And the demographic will show that a particular 12-50 years old are always maintaining a source of beauty and looking for tips. Your practice or market niche will be them. Now you have to optimize your YouTube account in such a way that the particular audience is pleased.

Lights, Camera, and Action!

We have cleared all the basics. You are starting from your YouTube account to your audience. Every road cleared. So what is left? Well, yes. The action part. Now is your time to shine. To show your audience that you can do it.

The trailer is and should always be short. When you are launching your YouTube account, then do you want to give away everything to your fans? No. you have to make them wait and help them to understand why your account matters. Your content out there to the public will always matter.

Make sure that you bring your equipment. Make a transparent way and help your fan to connect with you better. It is your time to bring the spotlight. Bring down all you can with the help of whatever you can offer with the help of your YouTube account.

Understand what your audience wants you to smile, so smile more. Be real and be optimistic when you are delivering content or marketing your product. Help the people who will look up to you.

Upload it on your YouTube channel

When you finish with your video, it is time for the upload. YouTube allows you to upload your video into various sections if you want. And you can even create a playlist of your own with the help of YouTube marketing.

This is a necessary step for how to create a YouTube account. Now that your video is made and you have uploaded it onto your site, we will talk later about marketing. After uploading, you have to get some patience. A view does not generate views in a single day.

Optimize your search for YouTube channel and be consistent

There are a lot of YouTube accounts that are not compatible. If you are not compatible, then YouTube will take your account down. It is real and important to stay consistent by uploading videos to your site. Make sure that your videos can rank better.

Optimizing for search implies that for the next video. Search what your competitors are doing. For example, if you are a marketer, then you know that there are a lot of marketing sites on Google.

The factors that affect the ranking of your YouTube video would be:

  • Tags in the title
  • Retain the audience
  • Tags in the description
  • Video length
  • Subscriber number before and after watching
  • Comments on the video
  • Likes and dislikes on the video

Take their help and bring the A factor to your site. Understand the idea of optimization. And put the critical skills into your YouTube account. You need to have a proper understanding of whatever is going on. For this practicality, your account matters on behalf of all the contents that you upload.

So if you don’t stay relevant to your topic, then you might lose all the potential viewers and fans. You have to take some scope out and then think about it. Surely your YouTube account won’t go away, so there is a lot of time to get through the fact. Make sure that every second count.

How to market your YouTube channel in less than ten days?

So here comes the zest of the article. We have taught you to make a YouTube account. Now is the time for you to understand how to market your account.

So why is marketing needed?

YouTube marketing is more than you can think and comprehend. It is the idea which dabbles with the mind of the marketers to sell their products online. If you are a marketer, then you are always on the search for a leading way to sell your items.

Would you invest in a dying market? No. you will not. Just for the same, YouTube accounts do the same thing. It helps in raising the investment quotient for your market. It is the way through which marketers can channelize their brand names.

Since YouTube is the home to many users, marketers have their prying eyes set. There are optimization, fixation, targeting, and everything which goes around.

Don’t worry. With the help of this review and extensive guide. You will know to market your YouTube account in less than ten days. And that is a complete guarantee which can help to boost your sales or views.

Grow your YouTube channel in less than ten days with these simple steps

Here is the ultimate guide to growing your YouTube channel in less than ten days. Gear up for a crazy ride.

Day 1- Day 3- Take care of the video titles which you upload

Set goals

To begin your YouTube channel marketing strategy set practical and achievable goals for the next 10 days. Begin with making sure that your channel feed gives an aesthetic look. In order to bring in aesthetics to your channel you must keep the following in mind:

  • Font
  • Colour schemes
  • Similar and meaningful thumbnails
  • Follow a similar strusture for the description of all videos. For example: Start with an interesting punch line! Move on to tell the user why s/he should see your video, but in 1-2 sentences. A long description tends to look boring and no one looks at it.

Optimize a good video title for your YouTube channel

Most of the YouTubers don’t have a good and optimized video title. If you have a video, then you need a working title for the said. Make sure that your title is rich in the keyword. Keep your title optimized and help to enhance the reach of counts. If you cannot find an inspiration to your title, then ask your fellow YouTubers.

Meta title and description on your title

Now the second thing lies in the Meta title and description of your claim. These are the vital part which will help you to have the best. If you don’t put enough attention to your claim, then it is going to be a hefty shot for you. Make sure that you have the Meta title and description ready for you. If you cannot think of one, then always ask in for favors.

Meta tags all your videos

Now that you have the video, if you don’t have the tags, then it will never work out for you. You need to have tags for your video. The tags are given so that your video can appear in the same sphere where you are marketing your brand. You need to improve the Meta tags of your video. Make sure of one thing.

When you have created a video, try to improve the content tagging of the video. For instance, if you have a YouTube channel, then it will be readily accessible for you to take care of the Meta tags. You need to center the cards on something that can work out.

It will be easier for you to keep the title intact and the scope of the title and tagging rightly. From the first source to the last, a YouTube account can only work with the use of tags.

Take care of the whole content for your YouTube channel

It is the primary thing to keep your mind too. If you don’t put enough time to optimize the content of your video, then it might fail. For this, you have to do one thing. Understand the importance of creating a video that can rank. If you are a beauty blogger, then focus on the products which are currently growing in the trend.

You have to be creative in your approach and whatever you do. If you copy someone else’s title, then YouTube will take your content and bring it down as quickly as it gets.

Make sure of the whole upload

Here comes the last part. You have a YouTube account. You have made the relevant changes to the tags and the title of the report. Now? Well, now you have to upload the video on the net. Before uploading, understand if your video will do great or not.

Do not upload on a controversial topic. It is all about YouTube. If you know, then the wrong content can help your account to bring down in just a few seconds. So, be mindful here.

Day 3- Day 4 -It is all about the promotion

Social media promotion will help you to make YouTube channel worthy

If you have a YouTube account and you want to promote it then do with the said social media channels. Social media is an excellent way of promotion. Here is something which you can follow.

  • First of all, do all the promotions with the help of Facebook. Are you knowledgeable about Facebook marketing? If you are, then don’t worry anymore. You need to make sure that your Facebook account is rightly on point. Here are the steps which you need to do. Promote your YouTube account, and it’s videos on Facebook. Create some ads with the help of the promotion site. And then, you are set to go.
  • Try to do your search with the help of LinkedIn. Have you ever tried it? Well, if you have not, then here is your time. LinkedIn is an authoritative source where you can promote your YouTube account in a jiffy. All you have to do is to make sure that your profile is optimized. Mainly if you are producing marketing content or something related to SEO, then LinkedIn can help you. It is an optimized site for the said.
  • And last but not least, don’t forget Twitter. It was there, and it always will be. Twitter marketing is the primary way for your YouTube account to garner leads. If you are new to this domain, then here is a sneak peek for you. With the help of Twitter, you can create the hashtags and then target your lead. This way, it will be easy for you to open up a variety of options right in front of you. Make sure that your Twitter account is on point. If you have an incomplete profile, then optimize it.

It becomes overwhelming when you have multiple social accounts to handle that’s where tools like Ubercircle come into play. You can use Ubercircle to schedule and automate your day to day social media needs.

Don’t skip the Ads

A lot of marketers out there don’t know how to generate ads for their business. If you are one of them, then don’t be ashamed. It is relatively easy for someone to generate leads with the help of ads. Here is how you can do it.

  • Make Google trends account right now.
  • Optimize your account and then link your account with the official mail address that you have.
  • Once you are done with the same, it is time for you to create ads. If you want to promote YouTube account ads, then you have to download YouTube videos from your account. Then put the video, which can be a teaser. An ad only made as a teaser and not an entire video.
  • If you access the same, your ad will appear on the other accounts. It will be easier for you to keep in mind about the said. The best thing is to take help from a digital marketing expert. Or if you want something in specific, then a social media promoter can help you. They have the source to bring great for your business, and if you intern someone, you don’t have to pay much.

Build a custom thumbnail for your YouTube channel and Videos

Enough with all the jitters of social media marketing, let us come back to the basics. How can you target a wholesome group of an audience if you don’t have a good thumbnail? If you understand the meaning of an attractive thumbnail, then you might now how good that is. A thumbnail will work well to attract a ton of audience.

Use an intro and an outro on YouTube channel for branding

An intro and outro part of the video is fantastic. If you have an introduction to the whole video, then people will know about it from the start. You don’t have to explain it then all by one. It is better that you keep the intro and the outro short for your video. No one wants an intro and outro, which are more than a few minutes. Your users will lose interest, and this will be a decrease in the whole view count.

Start a blog channel to market down

It is an irony that you have to know to blog and market your YouTube with the help of a blog itself. Yes, a blog is readily essential. As you are reading this, you might as well know. When you start a blog, then you have the resource right into your hands. It will be easier for you to help your audience to connect with you better. As soon as you can do it, the better it will be for your YouTube account. A blog will bring the maximum reach.

Try your options out on Facebook

If you want, then you can always try to put your options out on Facebook. Here is something which you can do personally. Make sure that the blog that you are marketing is completely optimized. Once you have taken care of your blog, you can fully upload the content on Facebook as well.

The one thing about marketing on Facebook is, it lets you optimize your video content very well. It helps you to grow and then target your lead audience. Whatever you have and can do, Facebook is the ideal place for you. Here you can find your audience.

Customer engagement ideas

Another important thing that constitutes promotion is looking after your viewer engagement and customer engagement. This means that you must focus on making your customer feel a part of your channel, and feel positively connected to your channel. The most comment way to do this is to ask for the viewers to put their thoughts and responses in your comments and then address those in future videos.

But, almost all YouTubers ask for commenting on their video. What is unique about your channel? One of the ways to get unique with engagement would be to make a video entirely dedicated to your biggest hater. Many famous youtubers tend to do that. They compile all comments and messages from their one biggest hater and make an entire video about it. In this you can:

  • Calmly respond to the hater
  • Satirically respond to the hater
  • Validate what the hater is saying as true

More creative customer engagement ideas include:

  • Question and Answer videos by asking your viewers to send questions via comments, mail or other social media apps
  • Contests
  • Giveaways

Day 4- Day 6 -It is sometimes about hiring

Hire interns for the role

There are a lot of social media interns who can do your job. Their primary work is to help your YouTube account flourish among the best. Here is how you can do your best.

  1. Make time out of your hands and then hire the best for your company. If you want your YouTube account to run smoothly, then hiring an intern can work. They can optimize all the content in the market. They are the agents here. From all around the source, they are the right way to get the lead audience.
  2. Make them specifically know about the role and work. Help them to understand how to promote your YouTube account. If they are using their means, then let them do the same.

Make time to outsource your PR Team

The PR team for your service is and will be worth your time. If you hire a PR team to promote your YouTube account, then here is what can happen.

  1. They can help your YouTube account to reach new heights if you want.
  2. They are a perfect way and a getaway to bring a load of views to your account and videos.
  3. It is their work to help your account reach a lot of subscribers so that you can leave out the hard work to them.

PR is an excellent way to channel and market your YouTube account. They will help you to get whatever you want and on time. Hiring a good PR team for your YouTube account will bring a new dimension to your account. It will help you to manage all the best and the right intent. If you are struggling, then they are there to help you.

Be the boss of your show

Being the boss of your show is a blessing. You get to have so many things on point here. So if you have a YouTube account, then you need to own it. This can only be done with the help of sound management and a sound mind.

A sound mind will lay down the precise instructions, and over time, you can settle. If you want to market your account, then be patient at first. The most prominent YouTubers out there never had a wholesome following count at first.

Day 6- Day 8- Approach more influencers and marketers

Make time to talk out with influencers

Influencers from all around the world have their way of helping you out. They will lay down the guidelines right there for you. With their insights on the job, you can do so much more. Here is something which can be good enough for you.

With the use of insiders and their work, make sure that you ask them all the general questions. If you have taken someone for the interview, then don’t stall their time. It will be right for you to take care of the whole fact and then lead it out.

An influencer out there in the same niche will help you to know how to market your YouTube account. From top to bottom, they have the answers to everything. If you can, then reach out to them directly. This is the best way to generate the largest views on your vlogs. There is one thing you can do for an instance.

If you think that an influencer is busy and they don’t have them, then don’t waste your opportunity. It will be right for you if you ask them the questions on the chat itself.

Take help from the online blogs

There are a variety and many sources of blogs out there on the net. If you are feeling lost, then you can always do your work through the blogs. There is something you can do to the source yourself out.

Understand the idea of the marketing your YouTube account if you market it well and sound then you don’t have to worry about anything else. All your actions are taken into account with the use of the technique you use.

Day 9-Day 10- Be Patient

After you have taken out your time, it is time for you to be more patient. Starting a Youtube account from scratch and building a presence is not an easy thing to do. For this, you need to have some patience. Make sure that you have the core patience to work out with the successive amnesties that you have.

Over time, it will be useful for you to take care of the whole work and then source it out.

Don’t lose hope since it will happen

The last thing which you can do is to lose hope. Once you are done with your Youtube account, you cannot miss a single ounce of hope. It is better that you chalk out all the problems into a list if you want. There are some pros and cons to every issue out there. If you chalk out the pros and cons, then it will be right for you to take care of the list. The work is done, and you can market your Youtube account in just less than ten days. It will be the easiest work that you can ever do.

Let me know how you’re growing your YouTube channel?

youtube marketing


How do you start a YouTube channel and get paid?

Step 1: Enable your channel for monetization. Step 2: Connect your YouTube channel to an AdSense account in order to earn money and get paid for your monetized videos. Step 3: Take a minute to get to know the kinds of videos you can monetize and the different ad formats.

How long does it take for a YouTube channel to grow?

A good pace of growth for a channel is to get around 10000 subscribers in a year. If you post consistently and maintain the quality, you can even get 15K subscribers in a year.

What happens when you get 1000 subscribers on YouTube?

As a matter of fact, getting 1,000 subscribers is not enough to get accepted in the YouTube Partner Program. In addition to having 1,000 subscribers, your channel will need 4,000 watch hours (or 240,000 minutes) in the 12 months preceding your application.

How much money do you make per 1000 views on YouTube?

Average you can earn $1 per 1000 views. Advertisers only pay when someone clicks an ad or watches for 5 or 30 minutes. If your video gets millions of views but nobody clicks on ads, then you don't make any single penny.

With Ubercircle, you can easily upload, schedule, and promote your YouTube channel and videos across multiple social networks from one dashboard. Try it free today.

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