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how to become a social media manager

Top 10 Tips to Become the Best Social Media Manager

by Kiran R.K.G May 05, 2020 everything, social media marketing, With Audio

The social media manager is a person who has to guide the integrated social media platforms of a company. The work is natural. The job of a manager is to take care of the details which are happening inside the […]

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The Ultimate Ubersuggest Guide in 2020

by Meghashree Das April 26, 2020 everything, social media marketing

The world has an advent towards the digital platform. Starting from work from home due to the pandemic hitting at large, every single sector is opting for a digitalized media. But here comes the catchy part. How does the world, […]

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Popular Twitter Hashtags

Popular Twitter Hashtags You Need To Know

by Meghashree Das April 26, 2020 everything, social media marketing

Hashtags are the most famous tool on twitter. Popular Twitter Hashtags are used by people to trend a popular topic that is to be spread among certain groups of people. These are searched for a relevant cause. The use of […]

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reach vs impressions

Reach vs Impressions- All You Need to Know

by Meghashree Das April 25, 2020 everything, social media marketing

The beginning of the 21st century saw major developments in the field of technology, be it the development of supercomputers, introduction of 4G, 5G technologies, improvement in smartphone technologies, etc. The advent of internet technology has led to the emergence […]

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