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Brand Positioning

Brand Positioning

by bhargavi November 03, 2020
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Your brand is just as reliable as the energy you put into it. Brand building and positioning require synchronized endeavors of a few moving parts to make discernment in the commercial center that drives your business forward.
Brand Positioning is maybe the most basic and primary segment of a more extensive brand-building measure.

What is Brand Positioning? What reason is it so important?

How about we start with characterizing the term. Brand Positioning is the spot you need to possess in your intended interest group’s psyche. It’s investigating, distinguishing, and refining your peculiarity through a brand positioning methodology.

Brand positioning

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In characterizing a brand’s positioning, it’s valuable to think about the accompanying four critical parts of a positioning assertion-

  1. Classification frame of reference: What is the competitive context? With which item of classification should the brand be related?
  2. Meaning of target market(s): Who is the brand being worked on for (for example, the focal point of the focusing on bulls-eye.) Learn more here.
  3. Proclamation of the central issue of difference: What advantages should the brand represent and convey?
  4. Reason(s) to accept: What confirmation directs need to be illustrated? 

In any case, why precisely is Brand Positioning so significant? The consequences of sharpening your novel position in the commercial center may appear glaringly evident; however, it’s anything but difficult to underestimate Brand Positioning without understanding the genuine centrality.

Doing as such, you’ll join a great many different business visionaries who miss this essential part and tragically go straightforwardly to picking logo and shadings.

Here are seven unmistakable (and related) reasons why Brand Positioning is so essential.

1. Brand Positioning makes market separation

Let’s be honest: the world needn’t bother with another widget. Be that as it may, if your organization, items, or administrations give a unique proposition, resolve a neglected need, or convey an ideal encounter, at that point, Brand Positioning will assist you with standing apart from the group by articulating how you are extraordinary.

Brand positioning

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2. Brand Positioning gets through the messiness of clamor

An unmistakable Brand Position empowers you to proficiently and successfully impart and arrive at your intended interest group. Consistently, we’re barraged with promoting and deals messages at each corner. Everybody is competing for your time and consideration.

Amidst this commotion, your Brand Positioning gets through the messiness by talking legitimately to the individuals you mean to draw in. Instead of yelling to a vacant room or to a group who couldn’t care less about you, your brand is seen and heard unmistakably.

3. Brand Positioning makes it simpler for individuals to purchase from you

Customers need simple choices. They would prefer not to screen 30 options to locate the correct one for them. They need to know effectively and rapidly who to trust and what to purchase. Deliberately and subliminally, Brand Positioning triggers a passionate reaction from your intended interest groups. On the off chance that the correct switches are pulled in the briefest measure of time, you improve the probability for individuals to choose “yes.”

4. Brand Positioning empowers you to contend on esteem (not cost)

Regardless of whether your brand is devoured by the mass market or is a restricted extravagance thing, Brand Positioning gives you lucidity on your particular worth. Your worth is the thing that you offer clients, how it fulfills their necessities best, and how contenders’ choices are lacking. Without Brand Positioning, you don’t have anything to bring to the table yet uncertainty. Nobody esteems (or purchases) uncertainty.

5. Brand Positioning legitimizes valuing procedures

At times, in any event, when your worth is known, your brand needs value legitimization. Brand Positioning is the place where you’ve distinguished and contrasted your brand with the opposition and their particular contribution, which educates whether your value point is vital and supported. Is it accurate to say that you are higher? Lower? Is it clear why? Will customers react well?

Brand positioning

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6. Brand Positioning enhances your narrating, duplicate, and informing

Without realizing your Brand Positioning, how might you compose duplicate? How might you expound on yourself if you don’t know where your brand sits on the range? You can’t. It’s difficult to impart to a crowd of people when you don’t precisely comprehend your brand’s uniqueness or opposition.

7. Brand Positioning makes your plan more innovative

A visual plan must form off a good story, which requires a comprehension of positioning. Imagine a scenario in which you didn’t have a clue, for example, that buyers’ desire for explicit nourishments is. It truly is the same as composing duplicate, just the correspondence (and coming about discernment) is through symbolism.
With everything taken into account, Brand Positioning is the particular most significant piece of building a brand by empowering you to distinguish where you fit in the ocean of rivalry.

Positioning techniques

As per The Branding Journal, compelling brand positioning can be portrayed as the degree to which a brand is seen as ideal, extraordinary, and valid in customers’ brains.

A long time back, a soft drink organization chose to accomplish something other than what’s expected with its taste and position itself as exceptional.

Brand positioning

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Here are some positioning procedures agents can use to stand apart from the opposition.

  • Set up a passionate association with possibilities and clients — Connecting with your options on a human level before going in for the hard sell fabricates trust and enables your opportunity to have a more sure involvement in your organization’s brand. For instance, toward starting the business cycle, you should set aside sufficient effort to find out about your possibilities and what issue they are hoping to tackle by utilizing your item.
  • Strengthen your brand’s separating characteristics — With a stable brand position, the separating properties of your organization’s contribution ought to be straightforward and allude to. Ensure your possibilities comprehend what makes your brand interesting all through the business cycle.
  • Make esteem — As a salesman, your primary objective should be to enable your possibility to take care of an issue or conquer a test they are encountering. In a perfect world, your organization’s contribution is essential for the arrangement. All through the business cycle, you should consistently be looking to issue fathom in the interest of your possibility.
  • Encapsulate your organization’s brand — When working in a client confronting job, you are your organization’s most influential diplomat. As you work with possibilities, guarantee they get an encounter that exemplifies your organization’s fundamental beliefs and lines up with the organization’s brand. For instance, if your organization takes a light, fun way to deal with branding, you should join this language into your business discussions. Having an excessively genuine or hardened tone would not be credible to your organization’s brand.

6 Steps to Create Your Own Brand Positioning Strategy

Making your brand positioning technique includes jumping profoundly into your brand’s subtleties and finding what you show improvement over any other individual. These six stages assist you in making a brand positioning methodology that is special to your business.

Stage 1: Determine your present brand positioning

Is it true that you are at present advertising your item or administration as merely one more thing available, or would you say you are showcasing it as something unmistakable? Your current brand positioning gives you a robust understanding of where to go straight away. You’ll have to comprehend your present position to break down your opposition additionally.

Brand positioning

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Start by thinking about your objective client and characterizing what their identity is. Next, recognize your central goal, values, and what makes you unique concerning the remainder of the market. At last, consider your offer and your present brand persona and brand voice.

Stage 2: Determine your opposition

After dissecting yourself, it’s critical to investigate your opposition by performing a contender examination. Why? You’ll have to see who you’re facing to direct contender research.

That examination will enable you to choose what you can improve in your methodology to increase an edge.
There are various strategies for deciding your opposition, including:

  • Directing statistical surveying: Ask your business group what contenders come up during the business cycle, or make a quick inquiry utilizing a market watchword and see which organizations are recorded.
  • Use client criticism: Ask your clients which organizations or items they were thinking about before picking yours.
  • Utilize online media: Quora offers a stage where shoppers can pose inquiries about items and administrations. Search these gatherings to find rivals in your specialty.

Stage 3: Conduct contender research

Whenever you’ve figured out who your rivals are, it’s an ideal opportunity to direct top to bottom contender research. You’ll have to break down how your opposition is positioning their brand to contend. At its least difficult, your exploration ought to include:

  • What items or administrations your rivals offer
  • What their qualities and shortcomings are
  • What advertising methodologies they’re utilizing effectively
  • What their position is in the current market

Stage 4: Identify what makes your brand interesting

Building a remarkable brand is tied in with distinguishing what makes you unique and what turns out best for your business. 

Odds are, after you direct contender research, you’ll start to see designs. You’ll begin to see a few organizations that have similar qualities and shortcomings. As you contrast your item or administration with theirs, you may discover one of their flaws is your quality.

brand positiioning

Image source – themanager

This is the thing that makes your brand extraordinary, and it’s the ideal beginning stage for positioning your brand on the lookout. Observe your remarkable contributions as you look at them, and plunge profound to recognize what you show improvement over any other individual.

Stage 5: Create your positioning assertion

It’s an ideal opportunity to take what you’ve realized and make a brand positioning articulation. As indicated by The Cult Branding Company, “A positioning assertion is a couple of sentence affirmation that imparts your brand’s interesting an incentive to your clients comparable to your primary rivals.”

brand positioning

Image source – Consumer Psychologist

There are four inquiries to reply to before making your positioning assertion:

  • Who is your objective client?
  • What’s your item or administration class?
  • What’s the best advantage of your item or administration?
  • What’s the confirmation of that advantage?

From that point, you can make a straightforward yet convincing positioning assertion.

Stage 6: Does your positioning assertion work?

Setting aside the effort to position your brand to interest a specific client is only the start. When your positioning assertion is made, it’s an ideal opportunity to test, analyze, and assemble criticism from your clients on whether your positioning accomplishes its objective.


Brand positioning is essential for the image of your brand. It helps you build your firm visibility. If an effective strategy is created, it can help your organization to turn into a marketing powerhouse.

The position of your brand affects consumers and buyers. The better the position, the easier it gets for buyers to purchase from you. Subconsciously or consciously, your brand positioning appeals emotionally to the consumers.

This article helps you understand the benefits of brand positioning and enables you to create a positioning strategy for your brand.

Let us know how this article helped you in increasing your brand positioning!


What is brand positioning?

Brand positioning is defined as the conceptual place you want to own in the target consumer's mind — the benefits you want them to think of when they think of your brand. An effective brand positioning strategy will maximize customer relevancy and competitive distinctiveness, in maximizing brand value.

What are the types of brand positioning?

Types of Brand Positioning 1) Value-based Brand positioning. 2) Quality based Brand positioning. 3) Competitor based positioning. 4) Benefit positioning. 5) Problem and solution positioning. 6) Price Positioning. 7) Celebrity-driven positioning: 8) Leader-based positioning.

Why is brand positioning important?

Unique brand positioning boosts firm visibility and top-of-mind-recall for prospects to help shut out the competition. ... That's why having a brand positioning strategy is so important. It provides value to your prospects, gives them something to get interested in, and will ultimately convince them to buy from you.

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