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What is the Best Time to Post on Twitter

What is the Best Time to Post on Twitter

by bhargavi July 30, 2020
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To enhance your marketing, online and offline you should know the right post for the right person at the right time. Posting at a specific time when there is more traffic will help your business and you a lot.
There is a particular rush hour on each social media platform, including the best time to post on Twitter. 

Importance of the best time to post on Twitter

Twitter has over 300 million users every month and approximately 500 Billion tweets per day! That is a large number of tweets as well as a huge amount of content being put out there daily.

Twitter is a hot spot for internet sensations, artists and entertainers. But surprisingly, it is largely used by marketers and business-persons too. More and more entrepreneurs are realising the importance of Twitter.

Everyone today is understanding Twitter’s potential to increase traffic immensely. What does this mean to you? How can you use Twitter tyo get traffic to your brand?

By figuring out the nest time to post on Twitter. If you know what is the best time to post on Twitter, the consequent increased traffic will lead to brand awareness. Setting the best time to post on Twitter further helps generating leads and then turning into sales.

Twitter has a limit of 280 characters and people think it’s not enough to market a brand. But it is enough. Those 280 characters coupled with the right time to post on Twitter can create immense brand awareness.

What is the best time to post on Twitter?

General facts about the best time to post on Twitter 

Twitter is one of the most highly monitored social media platforms. Various tools like Tweroid and Followerwonk help in analytics and to monitor this platform.

Online businesses are active 24×7 and have a global reach. Here are some observations about the best timing to post on Twitter (independent from time zones). These will help you with your marketing.

  • Monday and Thursday between 1 pm and 3 pm is when the click-through rates are the highest. This timing is good for you if your goal is for people to reach your website through clicks.
  • Weekends post 8 pm and Friday post 3 pm are the worst times to post. At these times the click-through rate (CTR), engagement and retweets are the lowest.
best time to post on Twitter

Image source – SocialPilot

There are different metrics to calculate and understand how many people saw your tweet and how many people clicked on it. Keep your goal in mind before creating your content.

Image usage

Use good images with your tweets. A good and attractive image will help you with marketing.

Tweets with images in it have:

  • 36% more click-throughs
  • 31% increased visits on the website
  • 41% more retweets than for tweets without images
  • 48% increase in tweets being favourited
  • 33% increase in visitor to lead conversations

Tweet schedule

If you want your tweet to be seen, read and shared at your workplace, share the tweet at lunchtime. That’s the best time to post on Twitter because it’s when people have a break and they scroll through Twitter.

Best time to post on Twitter

Image source – Oberlo

If your tweet isn’t seen by your workplace colleagues till 3 pm, there are high chances they won’t see it at all. This is especially true if it is a Friday.

After 8 pm on any day is also bad timing.

Another good time to put up a tweet is early in the morning. It is the best time to post on Twitter because people tend to take a quick look at social media platforms before they start their day.

When you focus on a particular audience, your followers increase as well. Like-minded people and those interested in your brand start following you too. 

If you have a large international audience base, you need to post your tweet according to their time zone. You need to understand which time of the day they are active. Followerwonk and Crowdfire are two services to help you pick a perfect time.

Commuting Time

Twitter gives off an impression of being increasingly well known at school, work, and travel. The ‘9 to 5’ group frequently uses commuting time among home and work to use their cell phones, particularly social media.

Public transport users, specifically, have somewhere in the range of one to three hours day by day to kill, so Twitter turns into a source of entertainment and information.

One of the best ways to understand the best timings is by using analytics. Keep track of your best and worst days and check the time you put up your tweet.

To understand what time is suitable for your type of audience, experiment a little. Try out different timings on different days and record audience reaction. You can use Google analytics or the in-built analysis system to further understand your audience.

Best time to post on Twitter- For different types of businesses

best time to post on Twitter

For  B2B marketing

Business-to-business marketing is a little different. Here, Monday to Friday have 15-20% more engagement. At 5 pm most retweets take place and at 6 pm the CTR is high. 5 pm – 7 pm is a time where most entrepreneurs catch up on the news. These two timings are highly recommended for B2B marketing.

For B2C marketing

B2C (Business to Consumer) marketing is best on Wednesdays and weekends. Weekends are also the best days when your market is a hobby-type-people.

Tweets with links work wonders. It is worth it to add images wherever necessary. There are various services available online which help you schedule your tweets better and effectively. 

Best time to post on Twitter – For Overall Engagement

Engagement means clicks, shares, retweets, replies and adding to favourites. Most engagement takes place when:

  • Tweets between 2 am and 3 am
  • Highest engagement takes place between 11 pm and 5 am, the peak is between 2 am and 3 am
  • Lowest engagement is between traditional work hours, 9 am to 5 pm

The highest time for engagement is quite opposite from the most popular time to tweet.

Final thoughts for the best time to post on Twitter

  • Use images when necessary
  • Pick your timing well
  • Keep track of Twitter performance
  • Make apt adjustments 

It makes sense and is important to get the right content out at the right time for the right audience. Sometimes the pattern of usage of Twitter changes, be aware of the changes and adjust yourself according to that.


What time should I post on twitter?

According to HubSpot, the best time frames to post on Twitter are 8-10 am and 6-9 pm, before people get to work in the morning and after they leave in the evening. Hubspot also notes that if your goals are retweets or clickthroughs, the best times to post on Twitter are noon or 5-6 pm.

What is the most active time on twitter?

The most popular time to tweet: - Noon to 1:00 p.m. local time, on average for each time zone, is the most popular time to tweet. - The highest volume of tweets occurs between 11:00 a.m. and 1:00 p.m., peaking between noon and 1:00 p.m. - The fewest tweets are sent between 3:00 and 4:00 a.m.

Does it matter what time you tweet?

Based on all of the tweet data we have collected, the early morning hours appear to be the time in which tweets receive the most clicks, on average. Evenings and late at night are the times when your tweets receive the most favorites and retweets, on average.

What is good engagement on twitter?

Engagement rates tend to be lower for Twitter than for Facebook. Most would consider 0.5% to be a good engagement rate for Twitter, with anything above 1% great. Smaller businesses with an engaged following should aim for an engagement rate that's consistently more than that, though.

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