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What Is The Best Time To Post On Pinterest?

What Is The Best Time To Post On Pinterest?

by Meghashree Das August 20, 2020
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To go big on social media, the most essential part is posting quality content on a regular and consistent basis, however, what’s more, important than posting is knowing when to post!

Posting content that your audience likes is only half the battle won! You also have to make it accessible to your audience!

Pinterest is a fast-growing; images, videos, and GIFs sharing application that has over 400 million users as of August 2020. In this app, you can pin your content and share it on the World Wide Web. The most important question that arises is what is the best time to post on Pinterest? To achieve an answer to this, the foremost thing for you to do is know your target audience, where do they belong from, at what time and day can maximum people reach your content and how often should you post your content so that it is not too much for the viewers.

In this article, we will help you consider all the criteria that are imperative to consider before you start posting your content on Pinterest, and hopefully, it will also answer the elephant in the room of what is the best time to post on Pinterest.

Factors to Consider while Posting on Pinterest

To know what is the best time to post on Pinterest you first to consider the factors that directly and indirectly affect the time for you to post your content, these are:

Know your audience

For any social media platform, you must know the audience you are targeting, their age groups, their field of interest, etc.  Now in the case of Pinterest, the viewers are large females, for mothers they get free late after the household chores are finished; their children are asleep so, the timing must be according to their schedule.

Best time to post on Pinterest

Image source – Digifish

On what days will your audience be most available to view your content, also on what day of the week, what will be the preference of the material that they would want to see should also be on your radar.

Time zone of your Audience

To know what is the best time to post on Pinterest you must know the time zone of the audience for whom your post or content is referred.

It will depend on the ethnicity and nationality of the audience if it is a US audience or Indian audience or UK audience, which will decide the perfect timing for you to post. If your brand is more popular then you will have to choose from a larger amount of time zones. One good technique would be scattering your content across different time zones, for example: pinning up 5 different posts on various times of the day.

Volume of the content that you are posting

The volume of the content should be balanced between not flooding it with pins and not being too scared, irregular, and inconsistent with your content.

You should go for the quality and not quantity when it comes to posting on social media, however, if you do not post regularly, the visibility of your posts will decrease and it will become difficult for the audience to find you. Thus, when using Pinterest, they say the sky is the limit to post your content because, it includes pictures, videos, etc and it can never be too much of these things.

best time to post on Pinterest

Image source – Louisem

If it’s the ideas that you are posting on Pinterest and you are doing it more than once then make sure that all of them are catchy enough to grab the focus of your target audience.

Thus, the volume of your content will be another decisive factor of what is the best time to post on Pinterest, since the large volume should be carefully spread over time and if you are posting lesser content then a specific time should be observed.

Preparing a Schedule

After learning about the factors that will affect your decision of what is the best time to post on Pinterest, the next step in this direction should be preparing a schedule for posting your content.

A schedule is accumulating all the factors that we just learned into a system to follow persistently.

For Pinterest your schedule must include the following, keeping in mind everything that we just read.

Image source – Follows

As we discussed earlier to know what is the best time to post on Pinterest it is first important to post consistently and explore your perfect timing, it is advised to post daily with variation in your time so that it reaches out to different strata of your audience which leads to increased exposure for you and will also help you to gain more followers.

If you are a beginner on Pinterest, you must kick off with at least five pins per day to make your content visible and reachable, as you gain more followers and you get used to the site, increase it to ten pins a day, however, the experts of this marketing site say that for Pinterest, the sky is the limit for the number of pins you can post in a day, thus, if you are getting good at it, the best results are observed with fifteen to thirty pins distributed throughout the day, which will help you to figure out what is the best time to post on Pinterest.

Know your social networking site

For most social networking sites, weekends are the days where you can receive the most traffic, same goes for Pinterest,

Saturday is considered as the golden day for posting a maximum number of pins and attracting the maximum number of viewers. Sunday is also considered as a good alternative but rest, trial and testing will help you identify what is the best time to post on Pinterest for your particular audience.

Best time to post on Pinterest

Image source – Soicalpilot

One tip that can make your content more attractive for the viewers and it will never be too sluggish or boring or repetitive, is if you pin different content on different days of the week, you can decide this by judging the mood of your audience on different days, like on which day do they want to know about fashion, on which day they want to learn something about fitness or reading, if its festive time you can pin your ideas relating to the upcoming festival. This will help you engage your audience more into your content and they would love to check it out time and again.

Know when to do your research

Do your research before forming a schedule on how many people are visiting the site and at what hours. In recent research, Pew declared that 17% of the users on Pinterest visit the site daily, 9% visit it more often while 29% come here weekly and the rest 52% visit less often. Such data will help you organize your schedule to know what is the best time to post on Pinterest.

Best time to post on Pinterest

Image source – Pinterest

Thus, it is necessary to keep your content updated consistently so that whenever you have a visitor your content is up to the mark to capture their attention.

Know when to question

Now let’s address the question of absolute importance that what is the best time to post on Pinterest the answer of which depends on the time zone of your targeted audience but should be during Afternoon and Evenings, since this is the time that most people especially considering the majority of the users of Pinterest are females are free and can surf the internet, this is an ideal time to post your content. You can also post late at night say, at around 10-11 pm and early in the morning, since this is also a time when people are taking a break from their routine life.

You must concentrate on the free time that your audience has to select what is the best time to post on Pinterest, considering it is only when they have the time to invest in your content, they will be able to praise and follow it.

Learn your advantage

To your advantage Pinterest is a site where your pins will be posted for a very long period thus you need not worry much about the volume of the content that you are posting till the time you serve a quality content.

Surveys reveal that most of the clicks on a post happen during their first two days after being pinned on Pinterest, the reason to which is that, the audience on Pinterest are not shown the content automatically like any other social media website, on Pinterest the viewer searches for a particular material to which results are shown and thus, you must post content that is relevant in the ongoing times such that it is searched quite often for more views and followers.

The aforesaid points will help you chop out your customized schedule after solving the query of what is the best time to post on Pinterest for you.

What is the best time to post on Pinterest


Best time to post on Pinterest

Image source – Oberlo

  1. Notice the time zone of your target audience.
  2. To reach larger groups of audiences scatter your content into various times of the day.
  3. The answer to what is the best time to post on Pinterest is afternoons and evenings or late at night for being easily accessible to the audience.
  4. The best day to pin on Pinterest is Saturday, however, you must not miss out on any other day of the week as well.
  5. The volume of the content does not matter over quality, however, try posting at least 30 pins a day for optimal results.
  6. Consistency is the key when you are on Pinterest.
  7. Always check the statistics of your target audience and find your answer to what is the best time to post on Pinterest.

Tips to use Pinterest

The answer to what is the best time to post on Pinterest will not be relevant enough if at whatever hours you post your content on, it is still not discovered by the search engines when the viewer is asking for desired results or if the viewer does not click on your post because it does not interest them enough, for not letting this happen:


best time to post on pinterest

Image source – Entrepreneur

  • We cannot ignore the fact that as beautiful as a picture may be, it is always the caption that makes it more appealing to the viewer, therefore, the images you are pinning on Pinterest must have eye-catching captions that is irresistible for the audience to see and help you gain a search success and all your research on what is the best time to post on Pinterest will not go waste.
  • The pins that you are putting up should have keywords in the front that makes it easily accessible to the audience and for the search engine to find also pin descriptions along with it for better understanding.
  • Always link the pin to a useful website so that the user is not irritated and does not feel futile by clicking on the link otherwise there is no use of learning what is the best time to post on Pinterest if your audience is not satisfied.
  • Always include headings in your pins, since Pinterest draws the text of the images and if you do not have any it will draw the description which might not be that interesting to the user hence it will not matter what is the best time to post on Pinterest your content will still not gain views.
  • Experts’ advice to make a description between 200 and 310 characters for users as it will be more clear and uncomplicated for the user to read and understand as well as decide if they want to head into it.


We hope after all this reading you have now discovered what is the best time to post on Pinterest for you, although you must always keep in mind to first observe your audience and make a plan according to them, it is possible what works for everyone, might not work for you because you are hitting on a different group of people.


Can you schedule posts on Pinterest?

You can schedule Pins up to two weeks in advance in your current time zone. Though you can only schedule one Pin at a time, you can have up to 30 Pins scheduled for the future. Note: Once your Pins are scheduled, you're still able to make updates, like choosing to publish the Pin immediately or deleting it.

What is the best time of day to post on social media?

SproutSocial analyzed 25,000+ of its customer's Instagram activity and found these insights: Wednesday at 11 am and Friday at 10–11 am are the best times to post. The overall best day is Wednesday. The most consistent engagement happens Tuesday through Thursday from 10 am–3 pm.

How do I schedule a free Pinterest post?

Choose the “Create Pin” option. Upload your image and fill in your Pin's title, description, and destination website (your URL) . Click on the little pencil icon next to “Schedule date Immediately.” Choose and schedule a date and time up to two weeks away.

Who uses Pinterest the most?

Pinterest is most popular with women—especially moms. More than two-thirds of Pinterest's base is women. And according to a recent study by ComScore, more than 80% of U.S. women ages 18-64 with children use Pinterest.

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