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Best profile picture- How to choose that for yourself?

Best profile picture- How to choose that for yourself?

by Meghashree Das May 09, 2020
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Best profile picture

Choosing the best profile picture can be a hard choice to make. There are so many parameters to keep in mind while wanting. Researchers have said that a profile picture can make a difference.

It is all about the lighting, the angle of your face too. Networking sites will not let someone identify you if you don’t have a picture.

Who are you? What is your name? Where are you from?

Your profile will be treated as anonymous content. No one wants to create a brand new profile and then tag-teaming for the anonymous spamming.

It is a hard choice to make and select the best profile picture. The thing is, most of us are ardently confused. Do you want this picture because it is not showing the precise angle of your face? These are the various excuses that can rise inside your head.

The main thing is, you have to focus. Profile pictures are always a gray area for someone and the fact, and you have to make sure to select something good. You cannot select an offbeat picture. If you surely want to stand among the crowd, choosing a good one can help. It can be readily managed for you.

It takes a lot to find the best profile picture

According to Psychological Science a human just takes 40 milliseconds, to form conclusions about you based on a photo. 40 milliseconds is lesser than one-half of one-tenth of a second. This clearly demonstrates the importance of a good profile picture and what effect it has on impressions of you. A huge amount of research has been conducted on the different aspects of a good profile picture—how to look, what angle to use, what to wear, to smile or not.

Are you that head stubborn on finding a good picture for your profile? If you are, then there are some of the tips which you can surely follow. It will help you to know better and get the zest of the choice. The finding from psychological science has uncovered one thing.

They have said that the profile picture can be a special deal for a person. It depends on how much you are spending time on it. The host and the research done on this topic is innumerable.

Finding a good picture from the ton of list you have is quite severe. You have to base your picture onto so many things and all at once. First of all, you have to undermine the characteristics and check to see if the picture is good.

Finding a good picture for yourself is tentatively a primary job. But here are some tips.

How to take the best profile picture

How to take a good or the best profile picture

Here are some of the tips which you can follow to make the best profile picture. It can help you to understand and fathom the fact that a good profile picture is a deal. With this perfect option, you can scope out for the best.

How to pick a profile picture

There are various added opportunities for which you can choose the best profile picture. It depends on which time you want to try out.

For selecting your profile picture as the social media pages

For choosing the best profile image on your social media pages, you have to choose a quick and funky one.

You cannot choose a headshot for your social media account. This way, you can choose something fun and quirky. This is your social media, and no one wants to see a professional headshot here.

For selecting your best profile picture on your interview platform

As we are talking, if you wish to get your image for your interview platform, make sure that it is professional. In a sense, you have to take care of the fact that the film is of good quality.

Here, you cannot be funky or perky. You need to produce your self-confidence with a correctly managed headshot. Produce the picture and make sure that the background is nil. When the interviewers are asking the questions, you can look good and act straight.

Don’t panic, and it is going to be alright

A lot of us don’t know how to take a good profile picture. This is all because we practice and don’t think about a click, which can help to bring the face. You might look different in real life than what you do in your pictures. It is always better to be au-natural.

You need to have enough confidence to be yourself. If you slack, then you are never going to get the click that you want.

A profile picture can say a lot of words. It depends on how well your shot is.

Find your angle to take the best profile picture

Well, you might have heard this but another lesson here. You need to find your corner if you wish to make a good picture. What is your perspective? How can you keep your jaw chiseled and bring out the bone structure? You need to request yourself before you take a click. Here is something which you can do.

  • Practice in front of the mirror before you take a picture. It will help you to find your angle and then take the picture.
  • Try to smile a bit. If you look weird while smiling, then leave onto that part. You can just widen your jaws to make sure that they are looking chiseled.
  • Don’t bring out your teeth too much. Always know that you are trying to take the best profile picture. If you bring out your teeth, then it can turn into something sort of a nightmare. Close your mouth before getting to work down on your angle.
  • Jawline, with a shadow, works the best for everyone. Here is something which you can do. When you are trying to create a jawline effect, stand near the light. Make sure that your head is facing away from the light. This will create a shadow-like effect. It will help to bring your jaws out.
  • Don’t be so stiff with your face. You will look comical in your picture. All you can do is to make a regular face. After all, you are just taking a picture.

Bring out the color of your face

Bringing out the color of your face can help you to take the best profile picture. It is all about being natural. You need to be your true self if you want to take a picture. If you fake it, then you cannot make it. It is all about being you in that picture because you need to shine. Bring out the color of your face by showing off that glow.

There is a trick which you can generously do. This might go for all the boys and girls. Before taking a picture, you can dabble some of the highlighters on your face. It is a perfect way to bring out the content on your face. If you apply the highlighter onto your T zone, then it will shine the most.

Take a palate, and your fingers will do the rest of the work.

Dabble some of the highlighters on your finger and then put it on your face. It will be really good if you apply it evenly or else it will look comical.

Then make sure that you bring out a brush to spread the application area which you have done. It is essential that you cover as much as you can, and over time, it will work out.

To take the best profile picture, this is the main work which can help you.

A lot of celebrities have confessed to using this trick before taking a picture. You might think that they have the natural glow and shine on their face, but no.

It all goes to the highlighter palette that they have bought. It is best that you purchase a high-end product because it can make you look healthy and original.

Handle it down with care

Suppose you are trying to take the best profile picture, but you don’t know-how. What would you do? Well, the answer is simply natural for you to deduce.

You need to handle your work with some care. There are so many things which you can do about it. First and foremost, you need to find a frame where you can put your picture. For this, you have the take of some app on your phone.

These apps are fantastic when it comes to taking a gorgeous image of yourself.

There is a simple thing which you can practice if you want. There are a ton of apps on the play store, which can help you to take a good selfie.

Once you get your app, you can choose to get the right filter from the app and then click your best profile picture. It is all about presenting yourself and how good you can be. It is about how presentable you are in your idea of finding an excellent way to take the picture. Once you click it, these apps can help you to sort.

Upon sorting, you can pick out the best.

9 Tips for nailing your best profile picture

Tip No 1: show your face to take the best profile picture

show your face to take the best profile picture

Oh, well, you have to show your face. You cannot shy away from the camera and not show your face. Studies have said that psychology proves that whenever someone shows their face, then chances of being attractive is maximum.

If you want to stand out, then show your face.

Don’t protrude out to be too assertive in your pictures.

You need to make sure that you have a calm appearance in your picture. In this way, you can nail your best profile picture.

Tip No 2: Don’t be overly smiley or put on the weird face

Don’t be overly smiley or put on the weird face

This is true, but a lot of people don’t understand how to smile on pictures. As strange as it sounds, it is a complete truth. If you don’t know how to smile in front of the camera, then don’t take the picture while smiling.

Ask your friend to help you find your best pose. It can be perfect for you if you find your posture and then protrude that in front of the camera. Notably, an ideal way to get yourself not worked out for taking a picture.

Top No 3: Frame yourself for the best profile picture

Frame yourself for the best profile picture

Want to take the best profile picture? Well, then it is time for you to frame yourself. No, we are not talking about the old frame at your home.

You need to find something which can be better and exciting. You need to find your mojo when you are taking a picture. The perfect way is to frame yourself.

While you are framing yourself, you will get a ton of options to try out at first. Make sure that your frame is not overly done. Especially if you are using apps, then don’t use the decorative structures. It can make you look weird.

Tip No 4: Don’t put on the frown for your best profile picture

frown for your best profile picture

As said, if you cannot put on the smile, then don’t frown in front of the camera. If you frown, then it will put a gradual put a dislike on your image. You need to be friendlier in your approach when you are taking a picture. It will help you to make sure that you don’t come off as rude or something when your photo is shown. You can make a smirk, but don’t try if it makes you look weird.

Tip No 5: Use the contrast colors

Use the contrast colors

Well, we are talking about editing here, so let us have a look.

A recent study has said if you use contrast colors in your picture, then it will shine more. Do you know why?

Because contrast colors are something that can help to bring out your shape, even if you have a chubby face, you can bring out the look of a jawline with the help of contrast. Like in makeup, you have to contour your face with the contrast option.

It is fantastic since it helps with a lot of things.

First of all, contrasting should always be set to the lower levels when you are starting to take the best profile picture.

Now that you are done with it let us come to how to make it. Once you have clicked the picture, you need to turn on the contrast setting. You can make sure to take it around the level of the ordinary for the perfect notch. It will be right for you if you use the contrast setting more indefinitely for your picture.

A fantastic way to help you bring out yourself.

Tip No 6: Make the background simple

simple background profile picture

Here is an essential thing which you need to know. The background of your picture should be simple. You need to have a simple worked out background. It is perfect if you keep the experience perfect and straightforward.

You can try out with something pink or white if you want. And subsequently, you can change the settings as the way you please. You can start with a simple background at first and then take your picture setting from there.

There is an ample amount of way to get the right background for your picture. Making the environment simple is a tedious job that you can complete in minutes.

Tip No 7: Try it out with a focus group at first to select the best profile picture

 Well, now that you have your best profile picture, it is time for you to take your part and focus on a group. Let us say, and your group is your friend. If they think that your best profile picture is worth the try, then put it. If you are appearing for an interview later, you can always try to take the help of your colleague.

Tip No 8: Be more focussed on what you are taking

Now that is your time to be more focussed on what you are clicking, take some awesome pictures. Whatever you click, you need to do it amazingly. Always remember it is better to have a focussed face when you are clicking.

Make sure that you are facing the camera during the click. With all the tips inside your mind, you can take the capture. Surely you will have a good time while you click your best profile picture. With the right amnesty, you can make sure of a good picture.

Tip No 9: Be confident and be you to take the best profile picture

confident on profile picture

And last but not least, be sure. Your profile picture should all about being confident. The best profile picture means that you need to be convinced.

Being confident is a part of the assessment and helps you to click a fantastic picture. It shows in your picture if you are optimistic or not.

Well, if you are not, then your picture will come off as dull. Confidence is the key to everything. It will help you to get the excellent click you deserve.

Common mistakes to avoid

    1. Dont use blurry photos
      Using blurry images portrays an unprofessional and confused tone to the audience. It can also be hurting to the eye to look at. Everyone appreciates a clear and crisp shot. Make sure that you dont make the silly mistake of using a blurry image as your profile picture.
    2.  Too much distance/Too little distance
      It’s a very common myth that if you use a profile picture clicked with a lot of distance between you and the camera, people like it. But, in reality people don’t. Your profile picture is a peek into who you are and how you look. It would be a shame if someone has to zoom into your profile picture and struggles to understand who you are. Therefore, don’t make the common mistake of using a picture with you very far from the camera. If you do wish to show your scenery or a great building or a great monument, post it as a regular post instead of using it as your profile photo. Use cropping tools if that helps.
    3.  Too perfect
      Though a profile picture is a very important aspect in all of our lives today, whether it is for friends to see you, or corporate institutes, it matters a lot. But it is not the end of the world. You do not need a perfect picture, you need an appropriate picture. You should look true and genuine in your profile picture. No one will be impressed by a Mona Lisa type picture. If you focus excessively perfect picture you may portray inaccessibility and a vibe of fake-ness.

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Struggling to find a good picture?

Are you struggling to find a good picture? Well, don’t worry because these tips might help you. All you have to do is understand them and get the work done.

Do you have any questions for us? Our experts can help you to take the best profile picture, as you want.

Drop the same in the comment section below. And until then, happy clicking!

best profile picture


What are the best profile pictures?

Smile with teeth. Dark-colored suits, light colored buttondowns. Jawline with a shadow. Head-and-shoulders, or head-to-waist photo. Squinch. Asymmetrical composition. Unobstructed eyes.

What's profile photos?

A profile picture is the image that represents a social media account in all its interactions across a platform. Profile pictures are displayed as an avatar next to the account name on posts, comments and mentions (depending on the platform).

What does your profile picture say about you?

If your profile picture is of 'high aesthetic quality' (high contrast, sharpness and saturation) you are likely to have an 'open' personality. This means you're open to emotion, sensitive to beauty and up for new experiences.

How often should you change your profile pic?

In fact, the average person only changes their profile picture once every 2 years.

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