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Bad sales tactics to avoid

Bad sales tactics to avoid

by bhargavi September 08, 2020
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Bad Sales Tactics

How do bad sales tactics spread? Regularly, a bad sale begins when an individual salesman reports some accomplishment with a methodology and afterward every other person needs to attempt it. In any case, albeit another tactic may add up to transient increases, it can cause hurt long haul. 

Your notoriety is one of the most significant resources you have in deals, and you have to ensure it by killing any propensity that may bargain for it. In case you’re using any of the accompanying seven bad sales tactics, you have to stop immediately

Bad sales tactics to avoid

1) The “Get A Phone Book and Start Dialing” Tactic 

Bad Sales Tactics - Calling From PhonebookToday like never before, you should explore prospects and customize your correspondences. Salesmen can no longer pull off projecting a colossal net and trusting something (or anything) sticks. Possibilities can differentiate between an email that was impacted to a gazillion others and one that has been deliberately custom fitted for them. Conjecture which one gets a reaction? 

2) The “Never Accept ‘No’ For An Answer” Tactic 

Bad sales tactics

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There’s a slight line and a major contrast between being steady and irritating somebody. It’s critical to perceive the contrast between a conventional deals obstacle versus somebody intentionally shutting the drawbridge (and in the last case, you could cause hopeless mischief in the event that you keep on continuing).

At the point when given a rehashed and firm “no,” it’s an ideal opportunity to change gears. By then, it’s not, at this point the salesman’s obligation to compel a relationship. It turns into the showcasing group’s duty to remain head of psyche with the possibility. 

A purchaser is much bound to hover back with you in the wake of accomplishing more revelation all alone. Spare them from arriving at the purpose of declining to work with you out of sharpness for not regarding limits. 

3) The “State ‘Yes’ No Matter What” Tactic 

Bad Sales tactics

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Such a large number of sales reps fall into the snare of reasoning that their item completely needs to address the entirety of their clients’ issues. This basically isn’t correct and can set arrangements up to detonate before they arrive at the end goal. Never make a guarantee in trusts a component will get underlying time or that the item can be “hacked” to in a roundabout way take care of a client issue.

Possibilities are bound to purchase from a sales rep who speaks the truth about their item’s inadequacies. 

4) The “Rehash Names Constantly” Tactic 

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Companion, one of the more deceptive tactics salesmen use is amusingly one intended to cause discussions to feel more earnest. Friend, the facts demonstrate that recalling and utilizing somebody’s name is a great method to give you give it a second thought.

Be that as it may, companion, on the off chance that you go over the edge by infusing it with each possibility you get, your possibility will get diverted by the ungainliness of the discussion as opposed to tuning in to what in particular you’re stating about your item. I’m certain you can comprehend what I mean, companion. 

5) The “I Just Want To Grab Coffee and Catch Up” Tactic 

Image source – Washington Post

If you convert coffee dates into sales pitches, chances are your date/customer will hate you and your brand!

Don’t you love feeling like a sucker? Neither does any other person. You might have the option to land a couple of more gatherings by covering your actual goals, yet you’ll close far less arrangements. Such a large amount of selling rotates around developing trust.

There’s no quicker method to manufacture a trust-hindrance than to hop into a business introduction when your inferred aims recommended an alternate reason. On the off chance that you don’t “simply” need to eat something or espresso, make that extremely clear and straightforward so the possibility knows precisely what they are consenting to. 

6) The “Discover Something Personal” Tactic 

Image source – Metro

Not many things are creepier than a more odd person who pulls out dark data during an underlying discussion. You may do some exhaustive delving on the web ahead of time of a gathering to acquaint yourself with the individual you will talk with, yet don’t let the way that you realize they as of late took their three kids on a voyage to Mexico sneak out.

You most likely needed to experience one-an excessive number of Facebook snaps to reveal that. Recollect that you’re a sales rep, not an expert stalker (regardless of whether you feel like one some of the time). 

7) The “Consistently Be Funny and Outgoing” Tactic 

It’s actual numerous clever and friendly individuals end up with a profession in deals. However, those qualities aren’t requirements to being a compelling salesman. Probably the best sales reps are loners who altogether comprehend their market’s issues and enhance their clients.

Act naturally. The unscrupulousness of driving a clever remark or being unnaturally riotous can turn prospects off. Keep in mind, they need to purchase from individuals they like, and no one loves a phony. Own your character. 

Instances of Sales Tactics that Don’t Work Anymore 

  1. Cold pitching

In case you’re as yet cold pitching possibilities and believe it’s an extraordinary method to produce new chances, quit selling now. I mean it – quit deals and find another line of work. This is an extremely bad sales tactic. 

Cold pitching is difficult, inefficient, monstrous, and adversely impacts your image and possible achievement – it’s additionally not close to as successful as inbound selling. 

It’s way off the mark to a reasonable battle. My blog articles live everlastingly, so while old-line salesmen are cold pitching, my substance is changing over like a sequential construction system in a production line. Until the end of time. 

What to Do Instead 

Bad Sales Tactics

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Obviously, you despite everything need to do call prospecting, and in this situation, warm calling is the best approach. Do research to present a convincing explanation behind your underlying call, work inbound leads that need to converse with you, and give accommodating experiences to possible possibilities via web-based media before locks in. 

  1. Jumping on a plane to begin a relationship 

Harking back to the 1990s, inside deals was a venturing stone, not a profession. Junior reps began inside deals, and as you climbed through the positions you were given your own external domain and conveyed on vis-à-vis deals calls. 

Presentations were generally done via telephone. In any case, even beginning phase deals calls were done face to face. Meeting face to face was not just costly, it was additionally a gigantic torment. 

You needed to dress officially, print out headings to the workplace (recollect, this was the period before cell phones), travel to the possibility’s office, arrive early, hold up in the parking garage, make casual conversation with the assistant, and afterward make all the more casual conversation with your possibility before you could get serious. 

A straightforward 45-minute gathering turned into a three-hour experience – and this fair to begin a relationship and lead a fundamental needs investigation. 

What to Do Instead 

Image source – Medium

In-person gatherings are the most wasteful cycle possible. In this day and age, really meeting eye to eye is a pleasant to-have, not a necessity. I’ll now and again work with individuals for quite a long time while never meeting them! Inside deals are essentially more proficient and adaptable. 

  1. Overselling the item

In the past times, deals cycles were inconceivably included. All gatherings were done face to face, so the cycle was naturally increasingly slow and bulky. 

Thus, salesmen had more adaptability in what they could state to their possibilities. You could state anything you desired to push the cycle ahead – in a half year, no one would recall what you said at any rate. 

Since deals took such a long time to close, a possibility’s needs and item necessities would regularly be more diverse before the finish of the cycle than they were toward the start. It took such a long time to execute and finalize a negotiation that disregarding basic pieces of the arrangement was basically a typical aspect of the cycle. 

What to Do Instead 

Bad Sales Tactics

Image source – Medium

Today, fortunately, overselling an item doesn’t fly. In case you’re managing a 28-or 56-day deals cycle, you’ll be talking with your possibilities every now and again. You can’t lie, and you have to perspire the subtleties. On the off chance that you don’t? You’ll quickly get captured. Also, this is an incredible thing for purchasers all over the place. 

  1. Regarding your item exhibit as the end-all, be-all 

Item shows used to be amazingly significant for the last close. There was practically no chance a possibility could find out about the item all alone, shy of viewing a colleague or reference use it. 

Preliminaries of on-premise programming were uncommon. Equipment and programming were additionally significantly more separated a couple of decades back and were just refreshed every year, so the decision between one item and another was higher-stakes. Subsequently, a meeting room demo was a truly serious deal – and normally incorporated a touch of theater. 

Presently, innovation is substantially more homogeneous. In many enterprises, it’s uncommon that you’re selling the main item that works the way yours does. 

What to Do Instead 


Regardless of whether your rival doesn’t have a similar item included today, they’ll most likely have it in the following two years, and top tier highlights are incorporated into each item substantially more rapidly and viably. 

The genuine differentiators are culture, organization, and your capacity to tackle issues. So absolutely never think your item exhibition is an end-all, be-all – all that you do when matters. 

  1. Telling, not inquiring 

In the past, we did a great deal of advising: “You need this. You must have that.” Our possibilities had no real option except to hear us out, on the grounds that we held all the information and force in the relationship. 

Presently, it’s hazardous to make presumptions. Don’t generally ask “yes” or “no” questions – clarify your encounters and your side of the image, yet never do as such without understanding your possibility’s circumstance first. 

What to Do Instead 

Image source – Grammarly

Selling is more arrangement based than any other time in recent memory, so you can’t start to lead the pack in deals discussions from the earliest starting point. You need to pose appropriate inquiries that pull out important data and cause 100% sure you to comprehend your possibility’s circumstance before you start making such a proposal.

6. Pushing hard for a marginal arrangement 

Top sales reps recall that it’s not about them. It’s tied in with unraveling for the client. Indeed, you need to make deals to be effective, yet pushing too hard is a no-no. 

On the off chance that an arrangement appears as though it won’t close notwithstanding your earnest attempts, or a possibility is ceaselessly dawdling, there’s most likely an explanation. Arrangements that are fringe normally can be shut in the event that you push sufficiently hard. 

Be that as it may, hammering bargains through can possibly harm your notoriety and make an agitate hazard. Try not to take a brisk success today that will hurt you over the long haul. 

What to Do Instead 

Bad Sales Tactics

Image source – Prezi

Attempt the Negative Reverse Selling procedure from Sandler. In the event that a possibility continues ghosting your gatherings, won’t answer your calls, and isn’t opening your messages, it may be an ideal opportunity to receive fair with them and trust in trustworthiness consequently. 

For this situation, this is what to do: 

Prospect: “Sorry I needed to push back our gathering once more. Is it accurate to say that you are free in about fourteen days?” 

Sales rep: “Ordinarily when somebody pushes a gathering back a couple of times, it implies this isn’t a need for your group right now. Is it reasonable for me to accept that that is the situation?” 

Your possibility may answer, “Actually no, not in the least. You’ve quite recently gotten me on two bad weeks.” all things considered, you can push ahead and plan another gathering knowing it’s critical to your possibility. 

They may likewise react, “Definitely, really, this activity is on a low priority status this quarter.” In which case you can inquire as to whether you can attempt again next quarter, and let them realize you won’t trouble them again until they’re prepared. 

7. Moving excessively fast 

The speed with which you travel through a business cycle is another factor where you need to adjust your business senses and maintenance impulses – the short game versus the long. 

This is troublesome – handling a one-call close is an enormous surge and appears to be a fast success. However, in case you’re simply focusing on the present moment, you may end up missing colossal notice signs that your possibility won’t be a decent client. 

What to Do Instead 

Slow down and set aside the effort to dig further into your possibility’s circumstance so they’re totally educated about their choice and don’t produce of your client base in a couple of months. 

8. Disregarding the possibility relationship 

There are two laws that administer current business connections: Everyone exists on the web, and your computerized notoriety is for eternity. 

Salesmen either perceive these realities and use them for their potential benefit, or they don’t. It’s your decision, yet on the off chance that you disregard the truth of current selling it can have desperate outcomes. 

You’re just as solid as your system, so on the off chance that you overlook what your possibility genuinely needs and just consider them a number on a check, you’ll consistently lose an incentive as a salesman. 

Try not to believe that pummeling an arrangement through won’t cause issues down the road for you. Do it enough occasions and you’ll have miserable possibilities controlling their systems from you. 

What to Do Instead 

This isn’t to state you should sell dependent on connections alone. Indeed, that is a tactic that is nearly ensured to come up short. Yet, you ought to consistently treat your possibilities with the regard they merit, and never put your necessities over theirs. 

9. Imagining that being via online media is sufficient 

Simply having accounts isn’t useful. Utilize web-based media to construct familiarity with your item and administrations. On the off chance that you are not on LinkedIn, Facebook for business, Twitter, Instagram, or Snapchat, at that point you are either difficult or simply haven’t seen the details yet. 

What to Do Instead 

Bad Sales Tactics

Image source – Adparlor

Online media is the place your possibilities invest their energy. It is important for sure – go through an hour refreshing your profiles, posting proficient pictures, booking significant substance, and putting aside 30 minutes per week to post new substance. Please, individuals – it isn’t so difficult. 

10. Dealing with Marketing like peons 

This is the year you have to acknowledge you are just in the same class as your advertising division. I suggest discovering three advertisers in your group and taking them to lunch. 

What to Do Instead 

Image source – CustomerThink

Ask what you can do to enable (you to will brush their hair off!). Bring them thoughts of substance pieces that would help you in your business cycle. Promoting can assist you with hitting your number, however they need your assistance. You either grasp “smarketing” or you’ll be left in the residue. 

11. Depending on Marketing to create every one of your leads 

Sitting at your work area and crying that lead stream is down year over year is bad structure and languid. You can ping your online media contacts to ask how you can help. 

What to Do Instead 

Call your cousin and ask who at their organization is answerable for the business region identifying with your item. Call your shut lost records from 2016. Go to a systems administration occasion and give out your business card while asking how you can help. 

Most importantly: Take moral obligation regarding your lead stream. 

12. Playing phone tag with your possibilities 

Sending a line of repetitive messages asking whether Thursday or Friday is better for a gathering like a middle school schooler searching for a prom date is simply dopey. 

What to Do Instead 

Image source – Getting smart

Get a computerized gatherings booking application now. 

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